by Magnus

INSANITY! derivatives.... All also told, US Commercial bankers own $ trillion for derivatives in notional price. To put that number into opinion, it's roughly circumstances the global GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT. And % with this exposure sits regarding banks' balance mattress sheets. Now consider the fact that, combined, the very best banks (JP Morgan, Goldman, BofA, Citi, and also ) have pretty $ billion for equity. And that offers only % of this outstanding derivatives that will be actually "at possibility. " Given any over-leveraged, stupid plays Wall Street made at mortgage-backed securities as well as credit default swaps (both investments that had Some degree of oversight, even when it were paltry), plus the fact that derivatives happen to be COMPLETELY unregulated, I would fight it's quite possible that up to % or even % of the derivatives outstanding is usually "at risk. " If that's the case, we're talking about $-$ trillion during "at risk" financing. If even % of the bets go erroneous, you've wiped out The whole set of equity at all banks AND THEN SOME. As I mentioned at the moment (and before a number of times), the primary predicament with derivatives is they are COMPLETELY TOTALLY unregulated. NO-ONE has any suggestion what's "at risk" or the master of what or that's betting against what person. But we may very well be about to learn.

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letting car in las vegas HI. Getting marrie din LV the following weekend. Want to rent your car (yes, I realize its a little late to add this to the plans). Where is a good place to book (cheap, not ripoff selling prices? )So you want last-minute, cheap plus good? For your wedding. Nice occupation oklahoma fishing reports oklahoma fishing reports . why waste your time if you're not going to be helpful- Perhaps you're njust quite a person... used electric violin used electric violin Anyways- to those who know how to be helpful/productive on the earth... what I guess I really should have requested is if anyknows of a good deal on rental motor vehicles in LV? Secret discounts? Coupons? not about motor vehicle rentalhotwire or pricelineI second thisBest I've found was Enterprise along at the airport... Make sure you will have a Visa or Mastercard.. they will certainly not take cash.

by Malcolm

Hate to talk about it but Wallstreet will be in denial All the number crunching I do tells me the proceedings is much muhc most extreme than what happend durring the truly amazing Depres kid bike trailer kid bike trailer sion... yet, we're all still acting that fit this description is just a tiny recession. Like, we were looking at expecting US GDP to check out %... come in, how rediculous is without a doubt that. So your number comes in from negative and anyone cheers. Translation Tutorial Wallstreet = Divider Street muhc = very much happend = happened durring = in the course of rediculous = ridiculousRally around the corner stimulus package up coming few weeksLike jobless rate, we are needing revis inweeks or so. I actually miss toof along with shitbird. wish we can Thanks a lot, King Money!

by Lillian

trinkets to.. As at my previous.. I am rapidly selling our home and prefer to give a kind gift to my personal son... What variety of, if any could possibly he be given the task of?? Gifts are DEFINITELY NOT taxed to recipients A hassle-free search of this specific forum would reveal to you this topic will be discussed extensively. Gifts ordinarily are not taxed to this recipient. Gift taxed are often the responsibility of your giver. If you allow your son over $k 2010, you have to send something special tax information form with all your tax return up coming year. That amount would be deducted from ONES OWN $ million long time to come gift tax exemption. There isn't an gift tax charged back until you give in excess of $ million around lifetime REPORTABLE (. $k this approach year) gifts. If you suffer from a spouse, the crna can also give your son about $k without coverage the gift or perhaps having any life minnesota atv dealer minnesota atv dealer gift tax troubles. finally, good information and facts. there are usually loads of incorrect posts around gift taxes listed here. and to this op, if your son contains a spouse, both you your spouse can deliver her $K a year that doesn't really need to be reported.

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Husband obtain an UNEMPLOYED LOOSE! and he is definitely watching me form this and I tell him this on daily basis. Have to screen-print it in massive fonts and hang it all around you., why arent people working? GET OUT'TA your own home, NOW! and just just ignore sex until I see a paycheck coming with. And NO, selling your junk that you simply not have bought in the beginning on doesn't count! Take it towards divorce forum, pleaseSex in the form of tool... what more is new? I'd pamporovo weather report pamporovo weather report just put it in your ass and then walk away bitch. Just who the ya think you are. Without a doubt something he can get an obviously better pussy than your's wedding party walking out the entranceway. You are an important GOLD DIGGING CUNT. I detest people and all bitches familiar. gold digging whore have you ever heard of "for better or for worse". Actually anyone know connected with any IT occupation openings? I am unemployed which enables it to perform many THEM functionsHahahahahahahahahahahaha! This is required to be a troll... what the is mostly a troll? sorry.. i don't party in your cyber underworld enough to know your terminology... either way i'm searching for a network admin profession in dfw if any of you guys can assist. I don't know if this can be the right recipes dinner rolls recipes dinner rolls place for the or not nevertheless i thought i would have a go since the is without a doubt JOB MARKET.

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great condo has highly valued almost % ytd very much for the housing bears. I think that it's still to some degree undervalued. keep us updatedno it just didn't another useless post for gotaen "always wrong" feugoyes it did, brand-new comps different units sold into my complex within bygone times weeks. The statistics is solid. whether post proof or possibly scrammaybe misleading did seller support in closing cos smoky mountain woodworks smoky mountain woodworks t? more than likely The seller paid all of my closing costs pictures bought. In broad, that's how things work in that market even in a strong sellers market. It's just wanted and practiy no buyers encourage anything less, despite that the price is right. Tradition is hard to rotate.

by Randall

Citizens are morons Why do % of folks believe everything they've been told? They think a party provides great progress over the other just They think a politician may well do something best for them. They have confidence on global warming as they quite simply watched Al motion picture. Government has, simply because first priority, to help you sustain and grow itself. Middle class will be easy prey and are normally. They take your hard earned dollar even before the truth is it. Then they make an effort to tell people that rich can absolutely be blamed, not typiy the politicians, of training course. So these morons bought your house they couldn't pay for, now they usually are buying gold, they have perhaps bumper stickers to help this or that politician. Why don't you just cover yourself and acquire some real education? We may all be superior off. $ A pair of jeans, % APR bank plastic month loan some of those items depreciate. Why do families buy cars together with month payment programs that depreciate by % and buying jeans that price tag $ - bucks on % APR store cards. Only % of folks pay credit card balances completely.

by Rosalind

Bullshit you didn't predict anythis, there isn't any consensus -foil head wear "we. " There has been no posts simply by you or "we" linking Fresh to TMA, CFC or WM recently, and predicting a great similar downfall. You didn't not understand all of the scope of this specific anymore than anyone else recently. You predicted absolutely nothing. Similarly, it's no wonder that you really post in for the famous "run-on-the-banks" post. You expect us to think a liar? a whole lot of ppl wrote around the incalculable amount associated with risk the financial institutions are taking utilizing derivatives. articles did start to pop up inside. If this poster experienced predicted all these with such confidence which he is predicting a operate on banks, he was obviously a multi-millionaire by now and also the last thing in his mind would be posting "I predicted this per year ago" in on an internets posting block. I bullshit to look at see it. my oh my i agree, that OP is tappedLOL, as a result insaneed, terrorist postingOne thing of course, there is nothing for several Especially when it comes to the abstract financial markets. I am professionally fairly well convinced how the derivatives market is some form of Ponzi scheme, as well as have heard it ed a game wheretries to avoid being the dumbest in the room. Read this content about concerns portrayed even then. The level of of these have come to fruition? Likewise, here is a quote from an article in "International Economy". "The real risk posed with the. consumer by derivatives isn't thatof the larger players will experience a catastrophic damage and collapse into the arms of Uncle, in what is named the too big to fail scenario. Rather, the hazard is that your chosen steady procession of smaller banks and funds will likely be consumed by loss on derivatives, generating chaos and mayhem to their communities but going largely unnoticed because of the servile politicians and also big media that patronize the biggest financial houses. After the SEC and other regulators propose to issue guidelines for how banking institutions can safely engage in derivatives-dealing activities, they are really effectively acting as shills with the largest money cardiovascular banks, bringing new suckers with the derivatives table and keep the game raising. The imperative regarding keeping that derivatives market expanding 's best explained when considering the Feds pandering towards the ten largest banking institutions. Because derivatives are so extremely important to the profitability of large dealers like JPMorgan Chase, Bank or investment company of America, and even Citigroup, regulators have simply no choice but to encourage use of imaginary securities by simply an ever-growing quantity of investors. " Derivatives usually are abstract, but so would be the fear that basiy is in command of the market right now. There is some saying that moves "Fear is nothing but the surrender of helps that come from reason. " Those who saw the money to be made in the derivatives marketplace could reason very much out; but at this point, being unable to absolutely tell what additional fella is thinking, they are letting worries do their thinking on their behalf.

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